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Urban Zones

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Rifle Season

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Black Gold Sights

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Buck Chasers

Trophy Addiction was founded in 2012 by Randy Arnson and Doug Linebaugh to provide...

All of our hunts are 100% fair chase. We hunt everything from whitetail deer in the midwest to Zebra in Africa...

Ripcord Arrow Rest

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Muddy Outdoors


"Refuse to Follow"


"Close Enough to Kill"

Scent Blocker

"Hunters Love a Big Rack!"

Horny Buck Seed Co.

"Rage... the revolutionary new expandable broadhead"

Rage Broadheads

"Worth a Thousand Words"



Moultrie cameras have exceeded our expectations and worth every penny!!  These cameras are the best we have every used and our favorite was the M80XT, that is until the M880i came out with a super fast trigger.

After Connor convinced his father to go fishing instead of golfing, they made their way to a pond right in the city limits of Columbia.  With no bites and frustrated we tried one more spot and to our surprise it only took 20 minutes to land a good mess of healthy catfish.

A Windy Subject That Is Easy To Miss

Moultrie Cameras

Most archers don't factor in the wind when hunting here in the Midwest and why should we...most shots are from treestands in the woods with little or no crosswinds.  But when hunting antelope of muleys in the high deserts of New Mexico you had better adjust for wind because your shots might be up to 90 yards away.

Connor Linebaugh -  Catfish and 6 pack

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